Albury Laminating ServiceFraming

We are happy to help you with all of your framing needs, from design and quoting, through to hanging the finished product. We pride ourselves on our quality service and craftsmanship. We have the experience to know how to look after your item, whether it be a digital print, limited edition print or archival item. We have computerized mat cutting available, and a large range of mats and moulding. Oversize jobs are welcome - we can provide delivery and installation.

  • Personal – Photographs, memorabilia, collages, original artwork, certificates, cross-stitches, tapestries, watercolours, oils, prints, wedding, baby and family photos, school projects & art work
  • Business – Displays, certificates, awards, staff profiles, corporate framing, boardroom framing, digital outputs
  • Décor – Mirrors, prints, gallery wrap, canvas stretching
  • Memorabilia – Jerseys, coins, medals, collectables, objects, sporting
  • Applications

    Custom framing, Conservation framing, Swiss frames, Stretcher frames, Glassless frames, Timber & aluminium, Plaques to order, UV & Conservation glass, Calligraphy service.

Albury Laminating ServiceHot Laminating

  • Encapsulates the image with a sealed edge
  • Available in gloss or satin
  • Different thicknesses for flexibility or rigidity


Maps, Artwork, Posters, Plans, Photographs, Certificates, Newspapers, Photocopies, Menus, Workshop manuals, Price Lists, Offset printed paper, Digital Outputs, Bookmarks, Point of Sale Prints, ID Cards, OH & S Posters, Displays, Evacuation signs.

Albury Laminating ServiceHeat Press Laminating

  • Heat seals surface of image
  • Available in matte or satin
  • Suitable for items requiring mounting


Photographs, Posters, Jigsaws, Maps, Newspapers, most printed items.

Albury Laminating ServiceCold Laminating

  • Single sided pressure sensitive process
  • Two sided applications available on request
  • For heat sensitive materials such as Epson outputs
  • Gives durability & preserves colour
  • Available with UV inhibitors
  • Available in gloss, satin or sandtex scratch-resistant finish
  • Suitable for digital output, vinyl, or outdoor signage


Large format work, Floor graphics, Photographic images, Computer generated images, Digital images, Vinyl images, Items requiring mounting, Display work, and Menus.

Albury Laminating ServiceBlock-Mounting

  • Is an economical alternative to picture framing.
  • The image is mounted onto MDF (medium density fibreboard/craftwood), with black edges and a hanging device.
  • It can have a laminated finish - gloss, satin, matte or sandtex; or can be left unlaminated.
  • The board edges can be bevelled or straight.
  • Various board thickness available.


Photographs, Posters, Maps, Oils, Prints, Signs, Collages, Artwork, Canvas.
Block-Mounting is used by Corporate Clients, Retailers, Photographers, and Individuals.

Display Mounting

Albury Laminating Service Albury Laminating Service

  • Ideal for exhibition displays
  • Your choice of substrates and thickness
  • Substrates include MDF, gatorboard, kapamount, foamboard, imageboard, corflute, lexan, PVC, etc.
  • Thickness ranges from 3mm to 20mm
  • Struts available for stand up displays
  • Pin Boards available
  • Outdoor and indoor signage
  • Gallery wrap available


Captions, Displays, Photographs, Maps, Profile cut-outs, Signs.